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Spheres by Sense of Place Games ○●)

One Day In The Mountains Demo

"Ever play a something that left you not quite sure what it was you just did but still feeling better for having experienced it?
Spheres: One Day in the Mountains could be the poster child for that sensation."

HardcoreGamer.com - James Cunningham on July 29, 2016

A dynamic game of motion, exploration & discovery

This is a free preview demo that drops the player into a mountainous region from the full game and let's you explore for one in-game day.

Each new play through takes place over a single day picked at a random time of year within the ever changing seasonal cycle.

Sense of Place Games is an unfunded one man developer. This is a preview demo of game still in development. The demo is designed to gather feedback and spread the word about my game as I move towards the final stages of development.

Spheres is a peaceful exploration based arcade adventure that I have been working on for the last couple of years. The main features of the full game are in the demo:

  • Explore vibrant organic worlds in orbit between the earth and the moon
  • Compete with other beings as part of an ecosystem powered by spheres of energy that fall from space
  • Travel with total freedom through a continuous game world that never removes control from the player
  • Crafted worlds interact with dynamic systems to creates a unique emergent experience for each player
  • Shifting seasons and weather conditions create an ever changing environment to explore
  • You will never reach a forced objective, load screen or fail state in Spheres so the experience is created by what you do, where you go and what happens when you get there

Spheres by Sense of Place Games ○●)

Coming to PC in 2016

Find out more: senseofplacegames.com

Feedback & support: senseofplacegames.com/support

© 2016 Tim Leney - Sense of Place Games


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Spheres Demo - One Day In The Mountains (v0.100).zip 203 MB


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It's certainly a very intriguing game and a lot of stuff is happening at the same time, but once I figured out I had some kind of purpose I came to appropriate the game for how it is presented in this demo:)

I had a lot of fun playing it:)


It's beautiful, although I'm not sure what I did (except for raising some towers).

Hello, I played your game but I have to say I am confused. What exactly do I do?

Hi. Thanks playing my game:)

Collecting spheres provides fuel for a greater range of movement as the player explores and interacts with the game world.

In this build the player is pretty much left to explore, observe and figure out how the world works on their own.

One aim of the demo is to get player feedback - how much hinting and guidance (if any) should be added to the final game design is a big part of that process so all thoughts, comments and suggestions welcome!

Well overall it is good I like the concept. however I was not too keen on the strange gas-like sounds I made jumping, sounded a little embarrassing :) But I like the environment and look forward to seeing it when it is done.